Professional construction adhesive for façade panels and stone strips

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Why TwinBond?

At TwinBond, we like to keep things simple. Instead of a gigantic product range, we deliberately go for a compact, clear assortment. User-friendly, yet extremely effective.

With just a few products, you can bond façade panels and stone strips in all shapes and sizes, even the largest panel diagonals on the market!


Unique proven concept without the use of primers.


TwinBond guarantees your total project delivery and saves you labor time.


KOMO certified for façade panels in hpl, fiber cement, natural stone and ceramics.

Optimise your manufacturing and installation processes

Primers require a great deal of preparation and create time pressure. After application, they must be glued within a certain period of time or they will lose their strength.

TwinBond makes primers obsolete. We prefer using surface reinforcements. In contrast to primers, time does not play a role whatsoever here. This has several advantages:

  • Less time pressure

  • Less working time on the construction site

  • Can already be applied during (pre)fabrication

  • Once applied, the surface remains protected and ready for bonding

The result? Peace of mind and more time to focus on a quality finish.

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We think ahead

Proper preparation and application is just as important as the quality of the product itself. We are happy to help you in that area as well. We will be happy to examine with you the possibilities of providing you and your colleagues with application training on site, in the shop or via our Online Academy. In doing so, we can always guarantee the most economical and qualitative solution.


Twinbond bonds facade panels Vaccinopolis

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