Bonding fibre cement panels with TwinBond

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Fibre cement panels are known for being difficult to bond. The mix of cement and fibres makes it difficult for many adhesive types to meet the standards of safe bonding under heavy wind loads.
Correct, well-ventilated installation is also an absolute requirement. If there is a difference in humidity between the front and back of the board, it may warp.

However, with correct pre-treatment and the use of a suitable adhesive, it is perfectly possible to bond fibre cement boards.
As a specialist within the sector, TwinBond provides a KOMO-certified system that has already provided countless facades with a tight, durable finish with fibre cement panels. Thorough testing in our lab and close collaboration with people in the field have resulted in this unique system that is extremely suitable for bonding fibre cement panels.
Consequently, if the installation is carried out according to TwinBond processing guidelines, bonding is perfectly possible.

Reinforcing the substrate

The universal substrate reinforcer SIP 2K Fast is a 2-component synthetic resin and was specifically developed for fibre cement boards. Due to its unique properties, it creates a permanently solid and durable bonding surface.

SIP 2K Fast creates cross-linking and vitrification on the surface, thus distributing the forces much better over the whole panel. In this way, the panel comfortably meets the safety requirements for bonding.

Moreover, SIP 2K Fast works differently from, for instance, a primer. It is quick and easy to process, even at lower temperatures, and can be applied long beforehand. This is because it ensures permanent reinforcement of the substrate, regardless of the time between application of SIP 2K Fast and the actual bonding. This minimises extra workload, saves valuable time on site and guarantees smooth processing.


Before getting started, please always read through the processing guidelines thoroughly.

TwinBond Panel

TwinBond Panel is an MS hybrid polymer adhesive suitable for bonding most common types of facade panels, including fibre cement panels. Its permanently elastic properties ensure that vibrations and expansion are absorbed, minimising the risk of warping or detachment of the panels.

Moreover, the adhesive contains no solvents and is free of isocyanates and phthalates.

Getting started?

Using the instruction video below, you can easily get started bonding fibre cement panels with TwinBond. Using our calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate exactly how much product you need.

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